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2013 Press Release

Cybercrime in 2020 : Trend Micro Releases Video Series Predicting Impact of Technology on Society in the Future

Cinematic vision highlights possible challenges our Internet-saturated culture will face and cyber security implications

Taipei – Nov. 28, 2013Trend Micro (TYO:4704;TSE:4704), a global leader in security software, has released “2020: The Series," a nine-part video series depicting a future driven by innovation, while highlighting the challenges of technology dependence in the year 2020. As the tech-saturated holiday season approaches with events such as “Cyber Monday," the series reveals a society that has evolved into a “Cyber Culture." With technology permeating every aspect of daily life by the year 2020, its influence on individuals, businesses and governments will transform society like never imagined. The goal of the series is to anticipate evolving security concerns and inspire stakeholders to take action.

Trend Micro is collaborating with the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance (ICSPA), in partnership with Europol, which is an organization focused on enhancing online safety and security, to support Project 2020. The initiative is aimed at anticipating the future of cybercrime to enable governments, businesses and citizens better prepare themselves for coming challenges and opportunities. Project 2020 depicts possible future scenarios focusing on the impact of cybercrime from various perspectives including an ordinary Internet user, a manufacturer to a government. This comes at a time when the Asia Pacific region has seen cybercriminals in action, such as the South Korean attacks, while globally, more than 200,000 malware infections targeting online banking with the number of high-risk and malicious Android apps exceeded 1 million in Q3, heightening the need for vigilance and caution.

“With cloud-based technology, much of what was considered to be science fiction is now a reality, or soon will be," said Rik Ferguson, global vice president of security research, Trend Micro. “This trend will only gain momentum as technology continues to proliferate society and, as a result, data security will be paramount. It’s important to be aware of this reality in order to prepare now. Trend Micro is committed to producing thoughtful research and technology to mitigate security threats before they become widespread. Through these efforts, it’s our hope that the scenarios of ‘2020’ never occur."

The online series explores the fictional country of South Sylvania. It has embraced online technology at unprecedented levels on a consumer and corporate level, but cyber criminals have exploited digital vulnerabilities to compromise personal and financial data, disrupt elections and target critical infrastructure. This unique glimpse into a possible future has already generated a viral response from tens of thousands of viewers worldwide.

“Predicting how technology will evolve and ultimately be adopted is consistent with Trend Micro’s mission," said Ferguson. “Throughout our 25 year history, we have been at the forefront of identifying security challenges and developing a solution. We were the first to identify and secure threats to servers, networks and the cloud, among others, and this tradition continues. With wearable technology and the ‘Internet of Things’ becoming mainstream, Trend Micro is once again leading the way to address cyber security vulnerabilities with the ‘2020’ series."

“2020: The Series" is the result of Trend Micro’s collaboration with the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance, in partnership with Europol, and is based on the organization’s whitepaper titled, “Project 2020: Scenarios for the Future of Cybercrime."

First up is the story of Kinuko, a second generation “digital native" whose experience of the world is filtered through the virtual content beamed onto her contact lenses, and who has so many online identities she has outsourced management of them to a third party.

Project 2020 also describes an SMB of the future, robot manufacturer Xinesys, which has to deal with increasingly sophisticated “anti-sec" activists trying to undermine its supply chain, and Lakoocha – a content service provider at increasing risk of critical infrastructure attacks.

Finally it describes the government of “South Sylvania", and emerging nation which uses advanced behavioural profiling to help intelligence agents identify individuals at risk of engaging in criminal or terrorist activity.

To learn more about what the future holds for technology and how it can influence society, viewers can watch the complete series at

For more information on the ICSPA’s Project 2020, please download the whitepaper here.

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