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2012 Press Release

Trend Micro Announces Mobile Security Services with Chunghwa Telecom

All Aspects of Mobile Protection for SME, Personal and Apps

Taipei, Taiwan --- December 13 th , 2012. With the rising popularity of mobile devices in the cloud computing era, security issues around the protection of data on end-user mobile devices and in the cloud become increasingly important. Trend Micro, the global cloud computing leader, and Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), Taiwan's largest telecom service company, cooperate to announce two cloud computing services, Mobile Device Management (MDM) for SME and Trend Micro Mobile Security (TMMS) for personal mobile security. Moreover, the Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service (MARS ) * will be released on the CHT Hami Apps store** in the first quarter of 2013 to upgrade the quality of apps and mobile security. Trend Micro and CHT provide all aspects of mobile security to establish a solid security foundation across all of its platforms and devices.

Enterprise Mobile Security Service, Easy to Deploy, Unified Endpoint Protection

With cloud computing and mobile workforce now a reality, more and more organizations are considering the adoption of a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy to improve productivity and generate greater innovation. However, BYOD also increases the number of potential threats such as unsecure mobile access, vulnerability of data, device loss or theft, and privacy risk. To look for an efficient and cost effective implementation strategy is the subject for small business when bowing to the inevitability of BYOD trend.

When employees bring their own devices to work and use them to share files and data inside and outside the office, it is difficult for IT to maintain visibility and control. Trend Micro and Chunghwa Telecom cooperate to release enterprise mobile security services, providing an enterprise mobile device management (MDM, Mobile Device Management) solution. MDM is a cloud-based service including anti-theft, anti-virus, encryption, app and device management which is especially suitable for SME customers. It can be rented on a monthly basis and easily deployed within existing infrastructures without extra software or hardware implementation. The enterprise mobile device management service is easy to manage and enables IT to configure, manage and monitor threat and data protection through a single console. There is also a free trial available for any SME to get further understand of MDM.

Mobile App Reputation, the first industry technology that can automatically analyze mobile apps for malware threats, released on Hami in Q1 of 2013

According to new figures released from the analyst firm, IDC, Android device shipments reached 136 million units in Q3 2012, which accounts for 75% of the 181.1 million shipments during the quarter. Or, as IDC puts it, "the Android operating system was found on three out of every four smartphones shipped during the third quarter of 2012.” With the growth of the Android mobile devices, there is also a large increase in mobile malware targeted at Android. Malicious or potentially malicious mobile applications jumped from 28,000 at the end of the second quarter to 175,000 at the end of the third quarter, according to Trend Micro's latest cyber threat report - a six-fold increase

The Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service (MARS) for app store providers enables app stores to scan and rate every app before they are posted online. This cloud-based scanning service dynamically tests mobile applications for malicious activity, resource usage and privacy violations. Mobile App Reputation Service, the first industry technology that can automatically identify, analyze and rate mobile applications including malware, potential theft of private data, and system resource abuse including battery, memory, and bandwidth. CHT is the first telecom service company to adopt Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service and MARS will be launched on the Hami Apps store in the first quarter of 2013.

The Chairman of Chunghwa Telecom, Kuo-Feng, Lin, indicated that Chunghwa Telecom is committed to building a safe mobile information environment for enterprise, consumers, and even application software platforms with infrastructure protection and endpoint security management.” Chunghwa Telecom and Trend Micro join hands to provide more proactive, more convenient, and higher value-added mobile security solutions. We will continue our efforts in consolidating the foundation for mobile environments and digital information in Taiwan.” said Mr. Lin. Mr. Bob Hung as General Manager of Trend Micro Hong Kong and Taiwan also expressed "It is a great honor to have this cooperation with Chunghwa Telecom to provide Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service on Hami. Through Trend Micro Smart Protection Network cloud data mining framework, any threats of data leakage from mobile apps can be identified rapidly and accurately. Ongoing advances in the depth and breadth of the Smart Protection Network allows us to look in more places for threat data, and respond to new threats more effectively, to secure data wherever it resides. With Trend Micro technology, the quality of mobile security is upgraded to another level and we look forward to this cooperation with CHT to offer consumers a safer environment to enjoy digital life . ”

Mobile Security Personal Edition, Threat Scanner provides antivirus protection against malicious apps.

The risk of private information is often exposed to the threat of malware as well. Mobile Security Personal Edition identifies security risks before they can harm you. It protects consumers with virus and spyware prevention, web filtering, and anti-theft features. It is a cloud-based antivirus and malware scanner to ensure apps don’t steal your private information and reminds you to remove the suspicious apps. In addition, Mobile Security Personal Edition provides parental controls to set web surfing policies and block inappropriate websites.

Mobile Security Personal Edition has been very popular since its launch. There are more than 5,000 purchases and installation on the Hami Apps store. It holds the record for 10 consecutive weeks for being the Top1 paid app in all categories and holds download records for high-priced apps on the Hami Apps store, as well as being the top seller in a single quarter on the Hami Apps store.

*Note: Mobile App Reputation ratings can avoid the following malwares below:

  1. Spying Tools: Tracks user’s location via monitoring GPS data and sends this to a third party. Cybercriminals track down the location of users

  2. Data Stealer: Steals information stored in the mobile device and sends it to a remote user, Rooter. Stolen information may be used for malicious purposes

  3. Rooter: Gains complete control of the phone, including their functions. Users' mobile devices are exposed to more threats

  4. Malicious Downloader: Downloads other malicious files and apps. Mobile device is vulnerable to more infection

  5. Premium Service Abuser : Subscribes the infected phone to premium services without user consent: Unnecessary charges for services not authorized by user

  6. Click Fraudster: Mobile devices are abused via clicking online ads without users' knowledge (pay-per-click). Cybercriminals gain profit from these clicks

**Note: Hami Apps, the online application stores, providing customers with all sorts of software and services for Android smartphones . Priced applications are also available. Hami App stores provide a very appealing model for customers to get the software they need safely while trying to get the most from our services.

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