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Trend Micro Study Shows Increasingly Usage Behavior across Multiple Devices in APAC Region

Singapore has the highest smartphone possession and Most India can’t bear over 3 hours without internet

[Tuesday – September 4, 2012; TAIPEI] We are moving into an era when all aspects of technology will be movable, dynamic and interactive– the access, the data, the workload, and all computing. From a consumer survey conducted by Trend Micro (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704) finds that majority of consumer in the APAC region value laptop and smartphone more important than any other personal belongings. More than half of consumers in Singapore and India can’t live without internet over three hours.

To get a deeper understanding of the usage behavior of the computer and network protection software, Trend Micro, global cloud computing leader, conducted a consumer survey across four markets in the APAC region—Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and India.

The data points to an increasingly usage behavior across multiple devices. 3C device possession trend is similar in Taiwan and India, where desktop is the most. On the other hand, laptop and smartphone are the most owned devices in Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore, the proportion of laptop (85%) and smartphone (84%) possession is nearly equal. 43% of consumers own tablet which is higher than other countries. The usage rate of Mac OS in Singapore is also the highest among four countries. For Singapore consumers, up to 69% of them carry three or more devices. In addition, over half of people own three or more devices in Malaysia and India. Comparing with other countries, Taiwan’s 3C devices possession quantity is relative low.

Regarding internet accessing activities, checking e-mails is still the most regular one among 4 countries. The top five internet accessing activities in Malaysia and India and Singapore are similar which are searching for information, browsing social news or networks and browsing video sharing websites. In Taiwan, chatting, such as MSN and Yahoo IM is more popular than other three countries. When using smartphone to access internet, searching for information, killing time, checking e-mails and checking-in or uploading photos on social networking are the common activities among four countries. However, checking e-mails is the major one in India while searching for information is the top 1 in other three countries.

Many people nowadays cannot live without the Internet. How long could you bear without internet? There are 60% of consumers in India can’t stand over 3 hours without accessing internet and around half of consumers in Singapore can’t either. The research also shows that 74% of consumers in Taiwan can bear over 3 or more hours without online with the highest proportion among four countries.

The other interesting finding is that most consumers still use traditional way to deal with their personal data. To memorize the ID and password in the heads is the most regular way across all countries. Writing it down in the notebook is the second major method in Taiwan, Malaysia and India while choosing to use the same combination for all websites is the second one in Singapore. To record it in the cellphone is also a popular way for India, Malaysia and Singapore consumers but the same method is relative less common in Taiwan.


Cloud computing as a technology trend has caught up fast in recent years. 98% of Taiwan computer and network protection software users are aware of cloud computing tech, apparent higher than other countries. However, 32% of India users know very much about Cloud computing which is the highest among four countries. Cloud computing is still relative new to Malaysia users, currently 32% users claim they haven’t heard of such technology. No matter how much familiarity people have with it, Cloud computing is mainly thought as the new trend to protect the computer and network among four countries. "Cloud computing protection”, one of the features of Titanium 2013, is considered as the most unique features across 4 countries from this survey and Titanium 2013 has been a cloud computing leader globally.

"Trend Micro always listens to the voice of consumers and is committed to meeting the needs of all our customers” said Terrence Tang, director of consumer business, Trend Micro. "Titanium 2013 provides the features of Cloud computing, cross-device protection and social network protection which all respond to the trend of usage behavior. As a leading brand of Cloud computing, Trend Micro will make every effort to improve computer and network protection to fulfill customer needs.”


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