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2012 Press Releases

Trend Micro Urges Singapore Families to Build a Safe and Responsible Digital Community

Founder of Cozycot and popular daddy blogger bring together a virtual family to educate parents and kids on protecting their digital lives
Partnership with *SCAPE extends education outreach to youth to build online resilience

Singapore – August 2, 2012 – Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global cloud security leader, today announced the roll-out of its internet safety community initiative to educate families, youth and kids in Singapore on protecting their digital lives. In line with the national agenda to promote cyber security and safe online practices, Trend Micro is working with *SCAPE, a non-profit organization focused on youth engagement, as well as Founder and Managing Director of Cozycot Nicole Yee and popular daddy blogger Winston Tay to share best practices for families to stay safe online.

“Social networks, mobile app stores, popular websites, gaming downloads, and even texts – the places where young people spend most of their time online – are not entirely cybercrime-free. Hackers, spammers, identity thieves and other cybercriminals are increasingly threatening our digital lives. With the increasing number of touch-points with the online space comes greater susceptibility to online threats. We need to act now – we need to empower families, youth and kids to build a generation of responsible digital citizens. Through prominent personalities like Nicole and Winston, who are also real-life parents, and partnership with *SCAPE, we aim to get more Singapore families and youth more aware and educated about cyber security,”  said Terrence Tang, Regional Director, Digital Marketing & Consumer Business, Trend Micro.

The Trend Family Shows the Way to Protect Digital Lives

At the heart of the initiative is the Trend Family – a virtual family made up of real-life Singaporeans who will share personal experiences on cyber security, as well as tips on keeping their digital lives and that of their families protected, through a series of articles, blog posts, social media sharing and events.

Heading the Trend Family as the “father”, daddy blogger Winston Tay will focus on sharing issues in relation to general internet safety, as well as online banking, mobile usage and online gaming.

"Cyber security is a form of protection, even self-defence of personal information and my online life," Winston comments. "Unfortunately, cyber security is also like exercise – people know they should do it, they know it's good for them, but many just don't do it regularly!"

He adds, "I know the day I allow my son to carry a mobile phone, I am going to have to teach him about using the Internet, talk to him about the threats people – kids and adults alike – fall victim to, and instill proper online habits. I'm hoping, through this initiative, I can learn, as well as guide fellow fathers through such lessons for our children."

Nicole Yee, Founder and Managing Director of CozyCot, personifies the “mother” of the Trend family. Reflecting the online habits of mothers in Singapore, Nicole will highlight security issues pertaining to online shopping, cyber-bullying and online grooming, as well as touch on social networking. “Through this initiative, I hope to help reach out to mothers who are increasingly spending more time online, whether shopping or sharing family updates on social networks, and educate them about tricks of cybercriminals that they, or their children, may fall victim to.”

Joining Winston and Nicole in the Trend family are the children, represented by tertiary students Pang Xue Yao, 20, Sharon Heng, 21 and Annabel Song, 18. Highly social and influential, complemented with their abilities to connect with fellow peers, the children will be opinion leaders within their communities, sharing pertinent information on cyber security.

Visit The Trend Family here:

Increasing Online Resilience amongst Youth with *SCAPE

Trend Micro will be partnering with *SCAPE throughout the year in various activities to educate and empower youth to be safe and responsible digital citizens. As part of the partnership, *SCAPE will be hosting cyber security talks at its venue, as well as be a judge for the inaugural “What’s Your Story” photo contest in Singapore.

"What's Your Story?" was created by Trend Micro to empower kids, parents, teachers and schools around the world to make the Internet a safe and secure place for today's youth. Taking place for the first time in Singapore, the contest calls for youth to submit photographs with captions around cyber security issues including online scams, cyber-bullying and online grooming. The contest's unique quality is that it requires young people to become educated about being safe online, then empowers them as educators to impart advice to their peers through their photos.

“The threat of cyber-bullying and other online scams affecting youth is very real. At *SCAPE, while we provide youth a safe place to gather and express themselves freely, we are not able to control their online exposure where they may be most at risk. With this partnership, we hope to present the youth at *SCAPE with the information they need to protect themselves from online dangers and look forward to working with Trend Micro and the Trend Family to communicate this in an interesting and interactive way,” said Lynette Lee, Managing Director of *SCAPE.

About Trend Micro Internet Safety for Kids & Families:
Founded in 2008, the mission of Trend Micro's Internet Safety for Kids & Families is to enable and empower kids, parents, teachers, and schools around the world to make the Internet a safe and secure place for today's youth. ISKF does this through a worldwide employee volunteer program, grants and donations to eligible organizations, strategic partnerships with organizations working to protect youth, educational programs, and a robust series of online tips and solutions for parents, educators, and youth. For ISKF's free Internet safety tips, tools and advice, visit:

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