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2011 Press Releases

Trend Micro’s Encryption and Key Management Solution for Cloud Environments Delivers New xSP and VMware vSphere Support

Cupertino, CA – July 12, 2011 – Trend Micro Inc. (TYO:4704;TSE:4704), a global cloud security leader, today announced that the company’s encryption service with policy-based key management – Trend Micro™ SecureCloud – has been expanded with a new offering designed for cloud service providers, as well as encryption optimized for VMware vSphere™ environments.

The latest version of Trend Micro SecureCloud:

  • Allows service providers to implement an efficient and easy-to-use encryption service that helps keep sensitive data private and helps businesses meet their compliance requirements.
  • Lets service providers expand customers’ access to a security suite without additional management or maintenance. SecureCloud can be hosted in a cloud provider’s environment as on-premise security add-on or incorporated as a Trend Micro managed encryption service designed to complement IaaS environments, which benefits both cloud users and providers.
  • Offers encryption and key management services that give an advanced level of control over information in the cloud. Additionally, physically separating the encryption keys from the data and the service provider reduces liability while increasing segregation of duties.  
  • Enables businesses to safely migrate applications and data to the cloud with protection against theft or unauthorized exposure through the integration of encryption, policy-based key management, and unique server validation.
  • Helps support internal governance and ensure compliance with regulations like HIPAA, HITECH, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLB and PCI DSS.

Encryption service expands to protect both virtual and cloud environments

In addition to the service provider offering, SecureCloud is available as an enterprise appliance or as a Trend Micro hosted SaaS service. Regardless of the deployment model chosen, SecureCloud protects sensitive data stored in public, private and hybrid clouds.   The product natively supports Eucalyptus and VMware vCloud environments, as well as leading public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services. SecureCloud has also expanded into the private data center and now supports VMware vSphere virtual environments.  

Supporting quotes:

Doug McMaster, vice president, data center services, NTT America, Inc.

"SecureCloud’s ability to protect data and efficiently manage encryption keys makes cloud computing even safer.   This lets NTTA attract those highly security-conscience businesses to our enterprise cloud services,” said X from NTTA. And because Trend Micro hosts the keys, we don’t have to manage the key server, have no access to our customers’ encryption keys, and are free to focus on our core business of providing superior cloud services.”

John Maddison, executive GM of data center business, Trend Micro

"As more companies turn to cloud computing, we’re proud to introduce the latest version of SecureCloud that enables service providers to differentiate their services by including unparalleled security and control over data stored in the cloud. When service providers partner with Trend Micro, their customers build greater confidence about cloud data protection, and the service providers get an advantage over other, less secure providers.”

Pricing and Availability in North America

Delivered as a hosted service or as an on-premise software application, SecureCloud represents a robust solution for safeguarding information in the vSphere - enabled data center, private clouds and Infrastructure-as-a-Service environments. The latest version, Trend Micro SecureCloud 1.2 is available on July 14. For pricing, please contact your Trend Micro sales representative.

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