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2011 Press Releases

Cloudy Perspectives around Protecting Information in Cloud – Enterprises across Asia Need to Close Gap in Cloud Security, Reveals New Survey by Trend Micro

Virtualization in Data Center and Mobile Computing Emerge as Major Security Concerns

Taipei - September 26, 2011 – Contrary to widespread belief, only one out of every four enterprises in Asia considers protecting information in the cloud to be a low threat to their organization’s network. This highlights a gap in the understanding of the security risks associated with cloud computing. However, there is substantial interest amongst enterprises, with many more considering deployment over the next 12 months.

The regional survey of more than 1,300 IT decision makers from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, across organizations of all sizes from 50 employees to more than 10,000 employees, uncovers the challenges and security priorities facing Asia Pacific enterprises. It highlighted that enterprises in this region are very concerned with security threats with growing concerns in mobile computing, data center virtualization and cloud computing.

"There is an urgent need to close the perception gap in the security risks around data protection in the cloud, as more enterprises are looking to adopt cloud computing. Enterprises must address the security risks of their public, private or hybrid cloud, deployment. A comprehensive, adaptive, and efficient approach to cloud protection is needed regardless of how their cloud computing needs evolve. Enterprises need a solution that will secure their physical, virtual, and cloud servers, application, and data to protect them throughout their journey to the cloud,” said Oscar Chang, Executive Vice President of Asia Pacific, Trend Micro.

Virtualization Brings New Security Concerns

Virtualization is the foundation of cloud infrastructure, and virtualization-aware security is critical to maximize data protection and performance. Based on the survey, 42.2 percent of enterprises have installed server virtualization technologies. It is not surprising that the technology that most concerns enterprises is virtualization in the data center, with 57.2 percent agreeing. More than two thirds of respondents also agree or strongly agree that a virtualized server requires more security than a physical server.

Virtualization is also bringing a radical transformation at the endpoint. The accessibility of the virtual desktop from multiple locations and devices has expanded the user workspace to be everywhere and anywhere. Correspondingly, endpoint security must now span multiple network locations. As such, endpoint security emerges as the top most frequently updated security solutions amongst the enterprises surveyed, with 32.3 percent implementing these solutions currently or renewing them.

Rise of Mobile Security Concerns

The increased use of mobile devices in business has also made many IT decision-makers apprehensive about the security implications. Over half of the enterprises are concerned about the level of security or IT risk with the use of smartphones or tablets in their organizations. However, only 19.1 percent of the enterprises have currently deployed mobile security solutions, highlighting a greater urgency for more enterprises to accelerate their pace to manage the security risks brought by rise of mobile computing in their workplace.

Managing Malware Remains Important

Managing malware remains a key priority for organizations across Asia, as enterprise IT decision-makers consider the three biggest threats to their organization’s network security to be malware infection from email or spam (74.2 percent), malware via compromised websites (67.7 percent), and information theft with malware (64.6 percent), according to a recent survey commissioned by Trend Micro.

Enterprises Continue to Invest in Security

In response to the profound changes impacting IT and security, one out of three enterprises expects their security budget to increase over the next 12 months. The nature of such investments is changing, as one quarter of enterprises expect spending on new security technology to significantly increase. The greatest spending increases are in the area of network security. Traditional network security, which addressed sets of computing power such as machines and data storage as a guarded walled garden, will no longer apply. As data centers evolve from physical to virtual to cloud, a new generation of security solutions would be required.

Trend Micro secures the journey to the cloud

Trend Micro has invested heavily in a family of multi-layered protection for cloud and virtual environments – all designed to secure the journey to the cloud.

Trend Micro™ Deep Security prevents data theft, business disruptions, and compliance violations with comprehensive server security for today's virtualized datacenter. The latest release of Deep Security includes agent-less anti-malware, virtualization-aware intelligence, and leverages the latest VMware APIs for stronger server protection against data breaches and greater compliance.

In addition to Deep Security, the Trend Micro™ SecureCloud™ security platform applies policy-based key-management technology with industry-standard encryption to give control over data stored in public, private or hybrid clouds back to enterprises. It alleviates data security, privacy and compliance risks associated with deploying information into any cloud-computing environment.

To manage the security challenges brought about by the rise of mobile computing, Trend Micro Mobile Security 7 for enterprises/businesses extends protection beyond traditional PCs to secure data on a wide range of consumer-grade mobile devices, such as Android™ devices, iPhones and iPads. With threat prevention, data protection, and mobile device management under a single point of control, Trend Micro Mobile Security 7 enables organizations to protect data, limit data loss incidents and reduce the operational costs of managing employee-owned mobile devices.

Survey methodology

More than 1,300 IT professionals and managers responsible for security in their organizations from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand were invited to participate in a survey on the challenges and security priorities. These professionals are from all size of organization, from 50 employees to 10,000 or more. The data analysis was conducted in June 2011 through CNET Direct, a division of CBSi, and analysed by market research organization Connection Research.

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